About Us

DRB is an independent charity, not tied to any state, no bosses putting money in their own pockets, no investors running half the company, so no limits.

you are not tied to an amount every month, you decide how much you donate/invest.
you decide with us which purpose the fund will go to.

our liquidity is locked until 2025.
and even after this we want to continue making the world better for the kids.

DRB Token was created thanks to the influences of Dragonball z. Just like in Dragonball z, our holders can make a wish come true when purchasing DRB alone. This is not about their own wishes but about the wishes of the countless children in poverty. Through our website, the holder can choose to which purpose his money goes. With our charity Fund we want to build wells, schools, playgrounds. We want to encourage children to play sports, dance and the most important thing, DREAMING