DRB TOKEN ($DRB) is a token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Our token is using its tokenomics to make sure hodlers are getting redistributed. As a reward for holding on to our tokens and securing liquidity for the years to come.

5% to our charity pot

Making a smile on a child’s face, while investing and growing your own capital.

With this wallet we want to bring as much smile as possible to the faces of the children. as much joy as possible, and we want a child to really feel like a child.

The main goal for $DRB is creating more attention for children in need. Together with DRB TOKEN media team, we will create amazing donations to children charities. This all will be recorded and shared, follow us on social media to keep up to date!

The DRB Charity

Since cryptocurrency has become one of the fastest, cheapest and most efficient ways of transferring money, DRB TOKEN has come up with an idea that allows us to contribute to society as a whole.

DRB TOKEN is going to strive to be the charity of the world.

A charity where the money doesn’t go to directors in large percentages, but where it is intended to go. Do you understand? DRB TOKEN is the only token where you invest in yourself and in others.

Of every token you buy, 12% goes to fees to achieve our goals.
The relevant 12% is split to 6% to the HODLERS (people who own the DRB TOKEN INCLUDING the charity portfolio!) and 6% goes back to liquidity.

With this charity YOU, the HODLER, decide where the money goes. This can be a child, family in need, but also an external organization that works to combat child labor and child trafficking.

We are going to do it together!

Charity adress: 0xEe869b4C1067343b2C0e77699CcbAb3F1F0b11f3

Tokenomics and Distrubition

Tokenomics and Distrubition

Each transaction made with the DRB TOKEN (including buys and sells), is taxed for 12%

  • 6% Redistributed to the hodlers of our token

  • 6% Locked into the Liquidity Pool (LP)

The idea behind the tokenomics is simple, buyers will hold on for longer, since they will pay a 12% tax for selling. They rather hodl the tokens, growing their own holdings from other transactions/trades. This easy system keeps away bots & traders who look for fast profits, disadvantaging the long-term holders.

Apart from redistribution, the tax also includes a 6% liquidity lock. This will make sure your funds stay safu.

At the start of the project, the CEO and CTO were each given 5% of the total supply. Also we did some test transactions to early community users with small amounts of $DRB.

Two other core team members, were given 1% of the total supply.

Our liquidity is locked for 5 years.

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